​​Kelly's Specials of the Month


​Burger of the Month - Juicy Lucy.

​A delicious hand pattied 1/2 pound burger made to your liking, stuffed with bacon, cheddar, and mushrooms. Our twist on the burger created right here in Minnesota.


Appetizer of the Month - Pizza Rolls

​Excatly what you think they are, just not from your mom's freezer.


​Drink of the Month - 2 Gingers 

​This great Irish whiskey is only available in Minnesota. Try it today for only $4!


​Shot of the Month - All flavored whiskeys ​(Excluding Crown Flavors and Fireball) 

 We many flavors to choose from;  Ballotin Carmel Turtle, Coldspell Mint, Jack Daniels Fire, Jack Daniels Honey, Jim Beam Fire, Jim Beam Red Stag, JP Wisers Vanilla, Revel Stoke Apple, and Revel Stoke Pecan. A flavor for every taste only $4 this month at Kelly's.