​​Kelly's Specials of the Month

for April

Jalapeno Cheese Cruds: 9oz. Jalapeno cheese cruds served with a side of ranch. $11.95

Cajun Sirloin Bites Salad: 6oz. Cajun sirloin bites, iceburge lettuce, blue cheese crumbles, red onions, tomatoes, red cabbage, cucumbers, carrots, and cilantro. $16.95

Chicken Tender Melt: Three chicken tenders, on rye bread, pepperjack cheese, tomatoes, bacon, lettuce, chipotle mayo, serverd with kettle chips. $14.95

Swedish Meatball Pasta: 6oz. Sweadish meatballs, linguine pasta, mustard cream sauce, and sauteed yellow onions. Granished with fresh tomatoes and parsley. $18.95

Blackened Blue Sirloin: 8oz. Blackened sirloin with blue cheese butter. Served with choice of veggie and potato. $19.95



Fudge Brownie: Served with a1 scoops of ice cream. $8.95


                          Breakfast Special

Gyro Omelet: Gyro meat, red onions, tomatoes, feta cheese, tzatziki sauce. Serverd with Hashbrowns and choice of toast. $13.95

                                         (Saturday and Sunday Morning Only).



Followed up with:

DRINK OF THE MONTH: Skinny cucumber Margarita- Rail tequlia, soad water, topped with Margartia mix and muddled with cucumers and a lime. 


Shot of the Month: Jolly Rancher- Apple Pucker, Peach scnnapps, Cranberry and pineapple juice.